by William Eric McFadden



For the second running of this event, Eric McFadden, WD8RIF, and Miles McFadden, KD8KNC, chose to hike to Lookout Point in Athens, Ohio's Sells Park. The weather forecast was for rain and thunderstorms throughout the day. Eric and Miles managed to spend about an hour at Lookout Point before an approaching thunderston forced them to tear down the station. Using his KX3, 28' end-fed wire antenna with two counterpoise wires, and clipboard-mounted AME Mini-B paddle, Eric made two 20m QSOs: one SYBO QSO with K4UPG in FL and a nice 25-minute rag-chew with K1OV who was running 4-watts in CT. Power for the KX3 was provided by Eric's 10-cell AA battery holder stuffed with Eneloop NiMH cells.

The highest temperature Eric recorded while at the key was 87°F; the 53% relative humidity reported by the National Weather Service meant Eric didn't qualify for the x2 temperature-multiplier.

Stations Worked by WD8RIF
20m CW: K4UPG, K1OV