by William Eric McFadden



Two members of the Southeast Ohio Radio Adventure Team participated in the NE QRP Afield contest from the shelter house at Highland Park in Athens, Ohio. Eric McFadden, WD8RIF, used his final-less ICOM IC-706 and his own callsign. Drew McDaniel, W8MHV, used his Elecraft K2 and his own callsign.

Twenty meters was practically jumping with activity. Unfortunately, it seemed nearly none of it was QRP Afield activity. Eric and Drew identified two other contests in addition to the New England QRP Club QRP Afield and the ARRL Public Awareness Day Emergency Power Operating Event. Eric worked one QRP station and one Åland Island (OHØ) station. Drew failed to work any stations. (It seems the QRO contesters weren't interested in the peanut-whistle signal.) Similarly, 40m was hopping with activity, but none of it seemed to be QRP Afield participants. Nevertheless, both Eric and Drew had fun during the two hours each had available to operate.

Once again, Eric was impressed with the receiver in the Elecraft K2. Eric was also pleased with how well the receiver in the '706 coped with the numerous signals crowding around (and on top of) the published QRP frequencies. (Eric still loves his QRP Plus but recognizes that the QRP Plus receiver just can't cope as gracefully with bands crowded with loud signals.)

Station Descriptions


  • IC-706 (final-less, 4w output)
  • LDG AT-100Pro automatic antenna tuner and dedicated control/power cable
  • 44' doublet fed width 72-ohm twinlead; 20' Black Widow fishing pole/mast
  • 7Ah gel cell battery, floated-charged during use with 10w solar panel
  • CMOS Super Keyer II
  • Whiterook paddle


  • Elecraft K2
  • Outbacker Perth, ground-mounted with one radial
  • 20m dipole with RG-174 feedline
  • 2.2Ah gel cell
  • Vibroplex paddle