Amateur Radio Week Proclamation

City of Athens

Office of Mayor


WHEREAS, the City of Athens has more than thirty licensed Amateur Radio operators who have demonstrated their value in public assistance by providing emergency radio communications; and

WHEREAS, these Amateur Radio operators donate these services free of charge to the City, in the interest of the citizens of the City as well as the world; and

WHEREAS, these Amateur Radio operators are on alert for any emergency, local or world-wide, and practice their communication skills during the American Radio Relay League, Inc,'s Field Day exercise; and

WHEREAS, this year's Amateur Radio Field Day will take place on June 28-29, 1997;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Abel, Mayor of the City of Athens, hereby declare the week of June 22-29 as


in recognition of this important emergency preparedness exercise, and call upon all citizens to pay appropriate tribute to the Amateur Radio operators of our City.