by William Eric McFadden

From the Strouds Run State Park website:

Under the proper winter conditions, park guests can enjoy sledding and cross-country skiing.



Eric's station On Sunday, January 22, 2023, one member of the Southeast Ohio Radio Adventure Team performed a successful activation of Strouds Run State Park (K-1994) as part of the Parks on the Air (POTA; link) program.

Having made himself a goal of earning in 2023 the Bear Cave Repeat Offender Activator Award by performing sixty activations of the park, Eric McFadden, WD8RIF, visited the swim-beach at Strouds Run State Park on a cold (35°) day with rain, sleet, and snow to perform his 45th activation of the park.

Eric arrived at the swim-beach a few minutes past 1600 UTC, quickly deployed his 28½' wire vertical on his 31' Jackite fiberglass telescoping mast on his drive-on base, and deployed his Elecraft KX3 inside his car. Eric was on the air at 1610 UTC.

As expected, Eric found he had good cell-signal at this location and he would be able to spot himself on the POTA Spots website and to use POTA Spots to identify possible Park-to-Park (P2P) QSOs.

After seeing on POTA Spots how many CW POTA activations were underway, Eric decided to make this a 100% P2P QSO activation. In fifty-eight minutes, Eric logged twenty P2P QSOs on 15, 20, 30, and 40m. It helped that K2EAG was performing a two-fer activation, and that Eric was able to work him three bands.

Eric would have liked to work KB3WAV, who was performing a CW POTA activation of a park in Alaska, but Eric couldn't hear Kerri on 40m and he didn't see her spotted on any other bands. (At this point, Eric needs to successfully hunt parks in Alaska, Hawaii, and North Dakota to earn his POTA Hunter Worked All States certificate.)

In all, Eric made twenty QSOs, all of which were P2P QSOs, in fifty-eights minutes of operating time. All of Eric's QSOs were CW and were made at five watts output.

Eric also submitted his log to the World Wide Flora and Fauna in Amateur Radio (WWFF; link) program for an operation at Strouds Run State Park, KFF-1994.