by William Eric McFadden



Eric's station -- click to enlarge Three members of the Southeast Ohio Radio Adventure Team succeeded in activating Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument as part of the ARRL's year-long National Parks on the Air (link). Eric McFadden, WD8RIF; Miles McFadden, KD8KNC; and Tom Witherspoon, K4SWL, activated Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument, MN18 (link) on their way to the Dayton Hamvention.

The trio arrived at the park at 1615 UTC. The park being closed, there were no rangers to speak to. Eric had stamped his Passport 2016 at the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park activation earlier in the day.

As at previous activations, Eric's station consisted of his Enhanced KX3 Travel Kit, his MFJ-1910 33' fiberglass telescoping mast, and a custom clipboard.

As at the activation of Hopewell Culture earlier in the day, Tom's station consisted of an LNR (link) LD-11 transceiver, Eric's 44' doublet, and Eric's LDG Z-11 ATU. Tom again powered his station with a Hardened Power Systems (link) QRP Ranger power pack.

Eric set up his station in an open area of the yard and he was ready to go on the air about 1636 UTC.

Tom operating -- click to enlarge Tom set up his station near a nice tree which he used to support the 44' doublet.

Eric began operations on 40m and his first QSO was with N4TL at 1640 UTC. Thereafter, QSOs came steadily until Eric's 12th QSO with KD4W at 1659 UTC. Just for fun, Eric changed to 20m SSB and made a QSO with Tom. All QSOs were made at the 5-watt level.

Tom began operations on 20m SSB and his first QSO was with AE1T at 1655 UTC. After six more QSOs on 20m, Tom switched to 40m SSB and his first QSO there was with KB3VVE at 1715 UTC. Tom's 13th and final QSO was with K3TWK at 1727 UTC.

Miles did not operate but helped both Eric and Tom with set-up and tear-down and did much of the activation photography.