by William Eric McFadden

Elecraft KX2
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From the manual (revision B2, March 22, 2023):

The Elecraft KX2 is a compact 80-10 m, SSB/CW/AM/FM/data transceiver designed for portable, mobile, and hand-held operation. Weighing just 13 oz. (0.35 kg), it’s the perfect “grab and go” HF radio.

Despite its small size and low current drain, the KX2 is a full-featured HF transciever, with up to 15 W output. Its powerful digital signal processor (DSP) provides dual watch, built-in PSK and RTTY modes, digital voice recorder, stereo audio, EQ, noise reduction, and various filtering functions. The KX2 can be configured as a complete station, with internal ATU (KXAT2), Elecraft 4’ whip antenna (e.g. AX1 or AX2), attached keyer paddle (KXPD2), internal battery (KXBT2), and internal battery charger (KXIBC2).

Since the KX2 is a software-defined-radio (SDR), you’ll be able to add new features via free firmware upgrades. For mobile and home use, you can boost the KX2’s output to 100 watts with the optional KXPA100 amplifier. The KXIB2 internal battery charger adds a real-time clock.

When your next adventure begins—whether at home or in the field—your KX2 will be ready.

Elecraft KX2 QST Advertisement -- click to enlarge My KX2, serial number 0047, was purchased in mid-June of 2023 from Drew McDaniel, W8MHV, who had ordered the radio with the internal ATU, paddle, and hand-mic at Hamvention 2016 when the KX2 was originally announced. My KX2 now has with firmware versions µC 03.02 and DSP 03.02, and came to me from Drew with following options:

My KX2 is the heart of my KX2 Mini Travel Kit which is optimized for hiking and bicycle-portable operations.

Because the SideKX Endplates (link) installed on my KX3 have paid for themselves several times over, I am considering the addition of SideKX Endplates and Cover to my KX2. (The problem is, of course, that I bought my KX2 because of its light weight and small size; the addition of SideKX Endplates and Cover would increase both weight and size.)

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Attributions: KX3 advertisement converted to JPG from high-resolution PDF downloaded from Elecraft.