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by William Eric McFadden


When I moved to southeast Ohio in 1990, I rented a mobile home. My HF station then consisted of a very pretty line-up of Yaesu equipment and a low, serpentine 500' long wire antenna.

In the picture above (enlarge)...

Left-to-right, top shelf:

Curtis-chip iambic keyer, built from ARRL Handbook
Outboard digital display for FRG-7 receiver
Nye-viking straight key and MFJ Dual-Time Zone clock
Outboard digital display for FT-101B
speaker--I can't remember what it was hooked to
MFJ-949 300-watt antenna tuner
Pens-in-a-Cup (Sunriser 400 Pro Rally) and ICOM BC-35 for IC-02AT
Two-meter station: Vocom amplifier, speaker-mic, on a IC-02AT board

Yaesu equipment, left-to-right, on table:

external speaker (SP101?) for FRG-7
FRG-7 General Coverage Receiver
FT-101B Transceiver
FV-101 external VFO for FT-101B
"Landliner" Phone Patch/speaker for FT-101B
YO-100 Monitor Scope

In front of gear, on table:

Shure 444D microphone
Bencher chrome iambic paddle

Not pictured:

To right of operating table: MFJ TNC, IBM Laptop PC, and Centronics printer.
On the floor, beneath table: Yaesu YP-150 Dummy Load/Wattmeter.
In the closet behind the camera: a Heathkit HW-7 and accessories.

Unfortunately, this station and the trailer it was in was lost in a fire on November 30, 1990. ICOM was able to re-build the IC-02AT. The YP-150 was only superficially damaged, and I was able to clean it well enough that it still has a place in my shack. All the rest of the equipment was destroyed by the fire.